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Xmovies8.nu apparently is a safe site. The xmovies8.nu domain uses an SSL certificate to guarantee a secured connection, thus giving a basic level of privacy. It appears to be a rather new site, founded 10 months ago. As this site has not been around for a long time, it is best to lower your expectations of quality and security. Being a fairly large website with a decent audience, it is most likely trustworthy. We have not been able to inspect this site's contents as it returned a 503 error when we tried to retrieve it. We do not have any information on social media activity for this website. Although this may just mean we overlooked it, it may be an indicator that the site is not very active.

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6,583rd worldwide
2nd on the .nu TLD
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  • United States

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503 (Service Unavailable)
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HTML (text/html)
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3 months
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