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draw.io is free online diagram software for making flowcharts, process diagrams, org charts, UML, ER and network diagrams

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Draw.io seems to be a secure web site. The draw.io domain has an SSL certificate to provide a encrypted connection, thus giving at least some level of privacy. This site has been around for about 8 years now. Being around for this long, the site can be expected to be mature and safer than average. Although this site is a large player locally, it does not have a global audience. Draw.io is active on social media. We only know of a Twitter account (@drawio) for this site. It is good to know that Twitter has not verified this account, however. Draw.io has contributed to Twitter substantially, over time.

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15,168th worldwide
66th on the .io TLD
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  • United States

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  • February 25, 2011
  • London + Zürich
  • 2.44 Thousand tweets

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Draw.io has a single linked Twitter account. We will be listing the tweets from @drawio, which we think is the most relevant feed for this website.

To find detailed statistics about this Twitter account, we would like to recommend to visit the Socialblade report on the Twitter account of Draw.io. Things you will find include Tweet statistics, historical data, and much more.

Also, a great free site to use is Followerwonk by Moz. This is not the fastest tool, but it will show you extensive information about the way Draw.io uses their Twitter account and who their followers are.

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