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BeforeYouClick review of seems to be a secure web site. The domain uses an SSL certificate to guarantee a secured connection, and as such providing some degree of privacy. This site has been around for over 2 years now. This site certainly is not a newcomer, but it may not have fully matured yet. This is not a very popular site worldwide and probably does not have a very large budget for security matters. is active on social media. It is present on both Twitter (@blueeyestech) and on Facebook. It is good to know that Twitter has not verified this account, however. has tweeted fairly much over time.

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  • July 20, 2016
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藍眼科技是一家以技術研發為本位,客戶需求為動力的公司,我們致力於開發最適合教育、交通、政府、零售、銀行和工業領域等單位需求的產品與系統。 藍眼科技堅持誠信、本業經營的理念,希望透過我們的熱忱與多年業界規劃經驗的專業能力,提供客戶全方位的產品、系統架構規劃與建置,以及完善的售後服務,創造客戶最大的價值。

About the information shown here has only one linked Twitter account. Here we are listing the tweets from @blueeyestech, which we believe to be the real handle for this site.

To find more statistics about this Twitter account, go to the Socialblade page on the Twitter account used by Here you can find Tweet statistics, historical data, and many other things.

One more useful free resource to reference is Followerwonk by Moz. You need some patience, but it will give you tons of information about the way uses their account and who is following it.

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